Fireproof Document Bag Envelope Size: 8" x 5" [2000°F – Grey] Fireproof Cash Bags with Zipper Small Water and Fire Resistant Money Bag for Cash Storage, Fireproof Bags for Cash Fire Proof



Brand: The Good Stuff

Color: Grey


  • PROTECT CASH AND DOCUMENTS – Imagine losing not only your home in a fire, but your hard earned cash along with it? This fire proof/ waterproof safe bag ensures that you and your family’s documents are safe in the event of a fire or flood.
  • FIREPROOF UP TO 2000°F – An average house fire ranges between 1500°F to 1800°F. These fire safe money bags with zipper have fire resistance to protect your important documents whilst you evacuate. Keep cash safe with a fire proof money bag.
  • SUPERIOR FIREPROOF DESIGN – Don’t settle for a document safe fireproof waterproof pouch that could jeopardize your important documents. We’ve done our research, consulting professionals to create an unmatched fire safe document holder for traveling.
  • MADE TO PROTECT – Our fireproof money holder for cash has an ultra-strength, reinforced water resistant zipper. Waterproof coating protects documents from water damage, and double layer fiberglass heat shield fireproofs the interior upto 2000F.

Package Dimensions: 19x213x82

According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), on average, over 25 million American families are affected by natural disasters every year!
Protect yourself, and your valuables now, with a Fire and Flood Proof portable safe box!
“Don’t Delay, Get Out of Fires Way!”
Imagine your home being hit by a fire box safe you need to head straight for the nearest exit. You don’t have time to empty your filing cabinet, gather your photo albums, or find your passports. Keeping essentials, like identity documents, contracts, spare contact lenses, and emergency medication, in this fire and water proof safe bag, ensures that everything you need is ready to go if disaster strikes, which means that you can quickly evacuate without having to waste the following months getting your critical documents replaced.
PROTECT IRREPLACEABLE HEIRLOOMS The family bible, precious photo albums, and family treasures, safe box for money may have been in your family for generations, and are totally irreplaceable. A simple burst water pipe, or flood could leave them destroyed and worthless in seconds. Act now, and protect these priceless items with this Flood Safe envelope!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We are so confident that you’ll love the peace of mind these Fireproof Document Storage Bags provide, that we offer our satisfaction guarantee! Just contact us for a hassle free, FULL REFUND,

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